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Im tired but i wanted to draw stuff

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murderousvalentine whispered:Hey I never knew you and loavaan (hope i spelled it right) where brothers I guess I never put yalls pics together yall appear to be twins. Are yall? OwO (brothers that are both amazing artists ♡♡) 

yes we’re twins.
but we dont “intentionally” collaborate that often, because you know..”sharing your whole life” makes you want to have something for yourself alone.
though helping is always fine :)

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mranonpan whispered:I love your drawings. They are so hot and sexy. Keep up the good work. 

thanks ;w;

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mackanikalartisan whispered:i was wondering what do you use for making cards and what size do you make them 

uhhm i dont know if there are other rules in other countries but here the size for aceos are 6,4 cm (googleconverter says 2,36”) x 8,9 cm (3,14”) ^^
but i somewhere read in america its about 2,5”x3,5” …so i’m not sure

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josemiguyzic whispered:So I was searching for random things on tumblr and I came across your tumblr so I followed you. Your drawings are amazing I hope one day i can draw like you and I love the nsfw drawings <3 

ahh thanks a lot!!
keep practicing and it will work out just fine °w°

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kensoudojo2 whispered:nice artwork :D do you have your art on another site or just tumblr? 

yeeees…like i got everything..i even have y! but it’s been already quite a while since i posted something there….


i guess that’s all so far 

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poke-fairyfreak whispered:Your art style is amazing, after party was amazing and you my dear are amazing!!! 

awwhh noo thank youuu!!! 

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Anonym whispered:so im just going to say that your art is BEAUTIFUL and makes me cry tears of joy and DAMN DUDE YOU ARE SEXAY! and your watercolor and copic skills are AMAZING, (please notice me SENPAI) and your yaoi makes me feel the things that i cant explain in my heart and soul....okay bye *runs away like an idiot* 

oh god thank you very much @//A//@”
i dont really know how to react but thanks, it makes me happy!!

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me attempting to reach the goals I’ve set in life


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may u forever have the artistic courage of a 13 yr old with a wolf oc on deviantart